We’re passionate about empowering businesses to do good.

We believe

that doing the right thing for people and the planet should positively impact a business’s bottom line.

We know

that eco-conscious consumers want to find and frequent businesses that align with their personal values.

We are driven

to make this planet cleaner, one cup at a time. While we get our kicks from digging through waste, we are also normal humans who sometimes forget to bring a reusable cup, but still need our coffee fix.

We create

solutions for coffee shop waste.

Join us on our journey to a sustainable, planet-positive coffee experience for all.

Heed our planet’s siren call for action. Clean air, clean water, and clean soil are the building blocks of a just and equitable society. Let’s all act for the greater good by moving away from waste, and towards circularity. The less we take from this planet, the more it provides for all of humanity. Power our people with the earth’s bounty; food, sun, water…coffee.

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