Subscription Terms

Client agrees to a monthly subscription recycling program with Perk Eco Inc. The client agrees to hire the recycling services of Perk Eco Inc., to pick up and recycle the client's coffee shop waste. The client agrees to send only materials on the Perk Eco's accepted materials list, exclusively as noted below:

Empty cups & cup lids of all kinds (paper, plastic, styrofoam), empty containers (milk jugs, tetra packs, cans, all plastic, unbroken glass, pouches, syrup bottles, canisters, to-go containers, coffee bean bags), wood stir sticks, napkins, tea bags, paper, pastry bags, sugar packets, cup trays, muffin cups, cardboard, unbroken glass, gloss paper, office paper, wax paper, newspaper, organics. Perk Eco Inc. reserves the right to modify the accepted materials list with 60 days written notice. Perk Eco Inc reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee, should the client deliver materials not on Perk Eco's accepted materials list.

On a monthly basis, Perk Eco Inc will auto-ship the number of reusable shipping containers that the client has selected based on the client's desired subscription plan. The client may change or cancel this plan with 14 days' notice, or prior to the accepted billing period. The client's credit card will be charged for these bags when shipped, based on the subscription selected. Perk Eco will cease services to any account not kept in good standing, 30 days of non-payment will result in account suspension. Services are resumed upon payment of all outstanding debt.

The client acknowledges that Perk Eco recommends the client implement an eco fee on each single-use cup sold and that the revenue generated from that eco fee is intended to cover the cost of the monthly Perk Eco invoice.

All Perk Eco prices are subject to change with 30 days written notice, delivered at the email address provided at the time of sign-up.

Perk Eco is responsible for all shipping costs for the shipping containers to and from the client's business. In the event that Perk Eco incurs excessive shipping charges due to overweight or improperly packed containers, Perk Eco will notify the client via email, stating the allowable weight, and any extra fees associated with future overweight containers. If your containers exceed the allowable weight after that notice is sent, Perk Eco has the right to bill your account for the overweight charges, with 7 days' notice.

You agree to fill each container to the top before shipping, and compress all materials in the container.

You may display the complimentary Perk Eco marketing materials on your website and in your business. You are responsible for ensuring you are operating in accordance with your local and federal waste management, consumer protection, and sanitation regulations. If at any time you cancel or pause your Perk Eco service, you must remove all digital and physical materials from your online presence and in your place of business. You must return the physical marketing materials to Perk Eco with your final waste shipment, or if no shipments are forthcoming mail them separately.