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Steps to book a pickup

  1. Ensure your materials for recycling are bagged and tied, with no leaking bags. Please stack all cups and lids where possible, and bag them. Put these bags in your Perk Eco shipping container. Pack it fully and compactly to keep our program efficient and affordable. Please note, we do not accept garbage or liquid.
  2. We've included a pre-paid return shipping label with each shipping container. Ensure it's clearly displayed in the clear shipping window on the top of the container. If you've damaged or misplaced this label, please contact us for a new, printable email version.              
  3. In the chatbot at the bottom of any page on our website, type "I need a pickup at <Name of your coffee shop>". A real Perk Eco human will see your message, dispatch UPS, and confirm back with you in the chatbot that your pickup is booked.
  4. Have your shipping container(s) ready when your UPS driver arrives.
  5. We love pictures! Send pictures of all your green efforts, and your staff celebrating their recycling pickup to or post them to your social media and tag us! Facebook; Perk Eco, Twitter @PerkEco, Instagram perk_eco.

Perk Materials Guide

*Coffee Grounds

If you choose to send us your spent coffee grounds for composting, please compress as much water out as possible before sending. While espresso grounds are lightweight, drip coffee grounds are very heavy, and often result in overweight shipping charges. We have set up a Facebook group called Grounds Co-operative for the purposes of connecting local coffee shops with farmers, gardeners, and artisans who will pick up your spent coffee grounds and use them locally. It’s free to join and use, and is the best solution to making sure your grounds are used in your local community. We’ll accept all coffee grounds you can’t find a local re-use or composting solution for.


Your supply of Perk Eco shipping containers auto-ships each month. However, if you need extras, just log in to your account to purchase more and we’ll ship them out right away. While you’re there, you can also request new bin labels, window decals, or shelf talkers, or purchase your transparent plastic bags. 

We’re here for you!

If you have any questions, or need help, please contact us. We welcome you to our community of green coffee shops, and thank you for doing your part to keep our planet healthy and your community clean.

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