Cup sorting made easy!

We've all walked over to a recycling bin, read the label, peeked inside the bin, and still not been sure if it applies to the item we want to put in. Usually we put it in anyways, thinking at least we're giving it a chance to be recycled.

One of the barriers to good recycling in coffee shops is proper sorting. This is easily solved with the right receptacle and clear instructions for your customer. Delight them with the courtesy of a sorting station with no-fail instructions.

We designed our cup sorting stations to solve the primary problem of customers pouring liquid into bins, making everything in that bin garbage. Recyclers just won't accept a bag with a puddle of liquid at the bottom. Provide your customers with a clearly labeled liquid receptacle, and a clearly labeled spot for their lids and cups, and they will do the separation for you. Customers will also feel confident that their cups are actually getting recycled. 

Baristas can easily remove the stacker sleeves at the end of the day without having to touch the cups or lids, remove the lid, and empty the stack into a bag, making sanitation simple. No worries about having to touch used cups.

We hope you love our sorting stations and welcome your feedback.

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