Recycle by the box
Recycle by the box

Recycle by the box

Send us your cups, lids, and recyclable/compostable packaging! If it has a recycling symbol or compost symbol, we accept it. We also accept coffee roaster waste (chaff). This purchase is for one printable ticket good for one box of recycling (up to 40 lbs, or 2000 cups).

1. Fill your own box with cups, lids, or recyclable/compostable packaging.

2. Affix your ticket & ship it to our warehouse in Coquitlam, BC (locals may drop off). We hand-sort, and then recycle or compost. 

3. Tell your customers you are doing your part to protect our shared planet!

*Ticket will be sent via email. Includes recycling fee only. Shipping to depot not included.